Freshly Pickled

This weekend I spent a day pickling with some good friends. We get together every autumn for what has become a bit of a ritual. 

Pickling itself is pretty easy. It's really not as intimidating as some people think. Really, you don't have to go all Martha to accomplish this. As long you put some effort into the preparations and are careful during the canning phase you are good to go.  We work as a team divvying up responsibilities in the planning, purchasing of ingredients and the workload day of. 

We have pretty much stuck to these four different recipes for the past few years - pickled green beans, pickles, pickled beets and a savoury onion compote that is fabulous.

We only pickle what is in season. Choose only the freshest produce for the best results.

It's really satisfying to see the results of a days work on your pantry shelf.

There is a great website by the talented Dana & Joel called Well Preserved. They are my go-to guru's of all things preserving. If you are considering trying it out for yourself visit their website for inspiration!



  1. Thanks so much for the shoutout! Your pickles look GREAT! I'm a giant sucker for pickled beans so you won me over with that!

    Thank you again for such kind words and keep up the good work here; it's important stuff and I love that you are inspiring others! :)



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