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Gifts for the flower lover from Etsy

If you have someone on your list who loves flowers - this is your guide to the prettiest floral inspired gift ideas from Etsy. Perfect for the gardener, green thumb and just about anyone who appreciates the beauty of nature.

This makes the perfect gift for the person on your list who loves to treat themselves to fresh flowers or maybe they grow their own. A flower press lets you preserve your prettiest plants by pressing them between blotting papers until they are dry. Then they can be turned into works of art or they can create a flower journal of flowers and plants from the garden with a flower press from Oake Living.  

Another one for the gardener on your list but I also think this vintage garden trug from vintage seller Wine Horsley makes a brilliant tray to display vases or jars of fleurs.

Adore this daisy giclee art print from artist Claire Elsaesser.

The prettiest leaf necklace from My Wild Fleur.

 another pressed floral as daisy earrings from Pressed in Thyme.

A vibrant poster art print from Home Poster Decor is perfect for the plant person on your list.

Love these notecards - prints of pressed flowers from Seek and Bloom Creative

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Holiday gift ideas from Etsy

Etsy is always one of my go-to spots for holiday gift ideas. I love that you can buy unique gifts from makers and vintage sellers from all over the world. It's also a great way to shop local using the sites filter to narrow down results to a specific location.

I've gathered some Etsy picks that caught my eye. If you want to explore additional curated finds I encourage you to visit the  Etsy Picks Page where you'll find more from the editors at Etsy.

First up, I love this colourful glass blown Neapolitan mini bud vase from Vancover-based Maria Ida Designs

Everyone loves a gift that lets them relax, especially during this busy time of year. Gift them a self-care box from Quebec-based La Marcotterie.

It's peek slipper season. Gift these felted wool slippers from Melina Studio in Montreal.

Cosy up with a kantha quilt, perfect for the sofa or as an extra layer on your bed - from Kantha Quilts Shop.

For the person who loves to try a new craft, a natural dye kit from Toronto designer Julie Sindon of Love of Colours.

A great hostess gift that makes kitchen clean-up pretty - slotted stoneware sponge holder from Rail 19.

A leather wrap journal is a beautiful gift for the artist, writer or just anyone who loves to put pen to paper. Made by Forest Nine.

Pretty jewelry is a welcome way to fill a stocking. I love this jade necklace from local sellers Leen Star and dome earrings from Its Well Done.

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Easy Spring / Easter craft - decoupage Easter eggs with paper napkins

When you don't have time to dye eggs or want to try something different, try decoupaging eggs using paper napkin cut outs.  It's a great way to upcycle old plastic eggs from past Easter egg hunts.


This DIY originally appeared in a craft story I produced for The Toronto Star here in 2016, but I noticed it gaining popularity on Pinterest and realized I hadn't shared it here. 


Have fun crafting!



 Step 1: Gather supplies


  • Decorative paper napkins with a white background
  • Eggs, I used plastic but you can also use blown eggs or even wood eggs would be pretty
  • Paintbrush
  • Decoupage glue, I used Modge Podge, matte
  • Scissors


Step 2: Cut out shapes from paper napkins



Using scissors loosely cut around the areas of the napkin you wish to use to decorate your eggs. The edges will blend into the egg surface. Napkins are made up of multiple layers. Peel away the printed top layer so that you end up with one thin piece. Thinner pieces of paper are easier to apply to the egg.


Step 3: Start decoupaging!




Using the paintbrush, apply the glue to the area of the egg you wish to decorate, and then carefully press the cut paper shape to the egg. Smooth out the paper shape from the centre outwards using your fingertips. Let dry for a few minutes.



Step 4: Apply a second coat of glue.



Using the paintbrush, apply a second coat of glue over the decorated area. This helps seal the paper to the egg. Let dry. Glue will be dry in about one hour but plan on giving the more time to dry completely.





Faux plastic eggs, Dollarama

Paper napkins, Homesense