Introducing vintage and antique finds from Foraged Home & Garden

petite antique dishes make lovely holiday gifts when paired with special soaps & gourmet salts. 

If you've been following me for awhile you probably know how much I love vintage and antiques.

I adore exploring markets, estate sales and thrift shops looking for treasures. It's not just the hunt, but the stories and history behind vintage items that I'm passionate about.

Many of the objects I love come from a time when they were made by hand, sometimes there are imperfections but that's part of the character and charm.

One of my earliest memories of learning about antiques is from my grandmother. On a hutch in her dining room sat a collection of very old Irish Belleek. I remember her telling me how it was a very special collection that was passed down to the eldest daughter in my Irish family for many generations and that one day it would be mine to care for. It instilled in me a reverence for old things, it was the history and mystery - of who had held this in their hands before me, who made it,  where did it come from?

Over the years, I've acquired many great finds, more than I can keep and display in my home and I continue to collect. I also love to capture old things in photographs and perhaps inspiring a new use for something old. 

I hope you'll spend some time wandering through my online shop Foraged Home & Garden where I share  lovely found objects and timeworn treasures and that these curated finds will encourage you to incorporate the patina and charm of second-loved treasures into your home. 

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Beautiful objects gathered on a trip to France
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petite plates make lovely gifts paired with special soap or gourmet salts
from Foraged Home & Garden

a mix of vintage and antique finds from Foraged Home & Garden

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