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The Utility Room can be a stylish and functional space.

Carson Light Fixture via Rejuvenation / Ferns Poster by Cavallini via The Paper Place / Custom Bowery Knob with Collins Trim in matte black via Schlage Canada Melia wastecan via V de V / Galvanized laundry rack via Pottery Barn Canada / Klunka laundry basket via Ikea Canada / Pizzara Black tile via Stone Tile / Mediterranean Vinyl Rug via Home Smith House / Alape Bucket Sink via Rejuvanation / Connor Cross Handle Wall Mount Faucet via Rejuvenation / Ivy plant via V de V / Duck Green Paint via Farrow & BallPeg rail via Mjolk /

Topan VP6 Pendant Light by Verner Panton via Finnish Design Shop / Doug the Dachshund poster via Finnish Design Shop / Juniper Summer Wallpaper by Kate Golding via WynilThe Custom Bowery Knob with Century Trim via Schlage Canada / Idasen High Cabinet via Ikea Canada / Large Wonky Weave Basket via Crate and Barrel Canada / Truss Laundry Hamper via EQ3 / Agora Tile with concrete look via Ciot / Nido Rug via Adama AldaKohler Gilford Scrub-up Sink via Home Depot Canada  / Triton Double Cross Handle Utility Sink Faucet via Kohler  / Eames Hang It All Rack via EQ3 / Paint, Pointing via Farrow&Ball /

Utility rooms don't need to be boring.  Whether yours is part of a laundry room, mudroom or in a corner of a basement, why not make the most of this multi-use space.

I've partnered with Schlage Canada for part two in a series showing you how you can add a custom look to any space with their line of custom door knobs - simply switch out the trim or knob and mix and match to suit your decor.  I've created two inspiration boards with ideas for creating a stylish and functional utility room - one inspired by pretty gardener's shed, the second geared to creating a fresh and modern multi-use space.

Let's start with how you use the space.

Many utility rooms are multi-use spaces. Maybe it's part of a laundry room, mudroom, bathroom, or workroom.  Maybe it's where the kids or pets run inside with muddy feet, where laundry happens or if you're plant-obsessed like me, it could be an indoor potting space. Add in a worktable and it can become a place to be creative.

Regardless of how you use it, storage is important and this hard-working space needs sturdy, easy to care for cabinets or storage pieces that can be stocked with essentials to suit your needs. Whether it's a simple peg rail to hang a broom tools or a shopping bag, or a cabinet to hold everyday cleaners there are lots of great options to consider.

Let's also make it look good too.


Before you buy something new, think about what you can reuse in this space. Maybe an old cabinet or dresser that can be given new life with a fresh coat of paint? Open shelves can be a simple and inexpensive way to create storage. Plain wood boards can be cut at a hardware store and paired with sturdy brackets. Antique markets and thrift stores are often full of pieces that can be given new purpose. An old table can be used as a laundry folding space or a spot to do crafts or take care of plants if that's how you use the space. Vintage lockers are also a fun storage option. Clean them up with a fresh coat of paint and use them as storage cabinets. Ikea makes several locker-like cabinets including the new Idasen cabinet made of steel.

A place to clean up

A sink to wash dirty hands is a handy thing in a utility room. You may not have the need or the space for a full-size laundry sink, so a smaller wall-mounted utility sink will do the trick. I love the look of the enamel Alape Bucket sink from Rejuvenation. I think it would also look great in a powder room.


Task lighting is important here - bright overhead lighting that isn't too fussy but looks good too. Whether it's an old-school warehouse style pendant or a playful pop of colour with a classic Scandi design, make sure this space is well lit.

Stylish Details

Don't forget the hardware. Hooks, brackets, and door knobs should compliment your overall design aesthetic. Schlage's custom interior door hardware makes it easy to customize the look of interior doors to suit your space, simply by switching out the trim style or finish. See how the Bowery knob looks great in both spaces, just by changing the trim style and finish? In fact, both choices would look great in either space. In the Gardener's Utility room, I included the Custom Bowery knob with  Collins trim in matte black, while in the more modern room I used the same knob with a slightly different trim ( Century Trim ) but in Satin Brass.


In the gardener's inspired room, I envision wainscotted walls painted out in deep, dark green - like Duck from Farrow & Ball. The top half, light and white with vintage art decorating the walls. I love the idea of adding Victorian floral paintings, but a cheap and cheerful option would be to frame some of Cavallini's vintage posters available at The Paper Place and Cartolina. I like Fiona's tip for hanging the posters. She attaches strips of wood to the top and bottom of a poster and adds a piece of string at the top to hang them. Check out her Instagram for inspiration.  If you have the budget and the patience, go for wallpaper. I'm a little obsessed with Kate Golding's wallpaper designs. They are whimsical but fresh and modern.


Practical. Easy to clean. That's what you need here. I love concrete floors in a space like this, or a slate tile. You can also consider one of the gorgeous porcelain options out there. If you opt for a throw rug, make sure it is also easy to clean. All the new vinyl mats on the market make it easy for you. They are great for adding a bit of colour and pattern too.

Smaller storage

Bins and baskets are de rigueur in a utility room, don't you think? Choose sturdy options that can be easily carried like the Klunka laundry basket from Ikea Canada. Don't forget a wastebasket and bins for stashing away things you want at hand, but out of sight.

Disclosure: I've partnered with Schlage Canada in this sponsored post. All opinions and text are my own. 

How to create a pantry in any space

Morris & Co. Pure Lodden Wallpaper via Finest Wallpaper / Reclaimed Wood China Closet via Elsie GreenStella Nero Merola Tile via Home Depot Canada  / Trundle Basket via EQ3 / Antique Metal Shopping Cart via Shop Beazley / Hobson Knob with Camelot Trim via Schlage Canada / Bianco Gioia Marble via Ciot / Arch Bracket via Home Depot Canada / Duralex Provence Tumblers via Cookery / Le Parfait Jar via Le Parfait / Original Landscape Art via Ella's Attic Vintage / Newbury LED Fixture via Schoolhouse Electric

Sardines Wallpaper by Kate Golding via Wynil Collection / Dash & Albert Samson Navy Rug via Wills & Prior / Handmade Green Tile via Saltillo Tile / Blueberry Print via Anek / Minimalist Pantry Labels via Paper and Pear Store / Wire Basket via Lemontree Interiors / Knagglig Pine Box via Ikea Canada / Hobson Glass Knob with Century Trim in Matte Black via Schlage Canada / White Paper Bag via Uashmama / Omar Shelving Unit via Ikea Canada Woven Towel, brass towel bar and Hooks via June Home Supply / Alabax Large Pendant via Schoolhouse Electric

Do you dream of carving out a space in your home for a pantry - a place to keep food and overflow kitchenware or entertaining essentials organized in a space that's stylish and well-ordered?
Well, you're not alone. One of the biggest kitchen trends this year has been pantry organization and now the coveted pantry is a space that's on many homeowner's wish lists, especially now that we may be looking for extra storage space for everyday essentials so we don't have to shop as often.

Whether your style is old world butler's pantry or modern but playful - the pantry, a space normally used for storing food and drinks is also where oversized jars of flour might mix with platters, trays and maybe even a wine fridge or prep table - it's like a luxe walk-in closet but for the kitchen.

If you're planning a kitchen renovation you might be wondering how you can squeeze in one of these coveted spaces or maybe you're thinking about converting an under used space. If extra room is an issue that doesn't mean that you can't carve out a mini pantry - a scaled down version with all the style and function.

I've partnered with Schlage Canada to put together an inspiration board with ideas for creating a pantry space that's not only practical, but also a stylish extension of your home. I've designed two inspiration boards with different looks - one full of old world charm, the other, a fresh modern look.

But first, let's talk about carving out a space for a pantry.


Maybe you have bonus room (lucky you!) that you want to transform into a pantry or you're thinking of squeezing in a scaled down version in an unused closet or under the stairs. If not, there are other ways that you can get pantry items organized and create a dedicated pantry style space. Think about stealing space from an adjacent room to create a pantry area with either built-in cabinets or stand-alone furniture - as an extension to the kitchen.

Repurpose furniture

Turn a display cabinet, armoire or shelving unit into a dedicated pantry space. You just need to rethink how it's used. Antique markets, thrift stores and online spaces like Facebook Marketplace or Kijiji are full of vintage treasures that you can transform into a pantry.

Re-purpose an antique cabinet as a butler's pantry that's at the ready for entertaining.  Use baskets to hold linens, antique canning jars to hold cutlery, stack bowls, platters, plates and wine glasses - or re-purpose it into a baking pantry - decant flour, sugar and other ingredients into glass jars.

If your style is a little more modern, opt for the clean lines of mid-century cabinets or professional style steel racks that can be used as a pantry. You just need to rethink how they are typically used. Instead of filling a display cabinet with books and knick knacks fill it with pantry items styled to suit your space.

Open shelving

Whether it's in a walk-in pantry or a repurposed cabinet - being able to clearly see what you have makes cooking easier as everything is visible. Shelving doesn't have to break the bank.  You can create stylish open shelving with brackets and wood, cut to size.  When planning the space, think about what you will be storing so you can customize the height of shelves to suit.


Baskets, bins and crates are your best friend. Use them to stash linens, cleaning supplies or bulky items. Glass jars and canisters are also essential. Investing in clear, glass containers to decant dry goods like flour, sugar, rice etc not only makes it easy to see what's inside,  it also helps to keep food fresh and protected from any critters, and instantly makes your pantry look more elevated. Clearly label jars with not only what's inside but important dates such as when they were opened or expiry dates.


A small space, like a pantry is the perfect place to have fun with colour and pattern - just make sure it works with the palette and style of any adjoining rooms it might be open to. 

If you are converting a room or closet space into a pantry, outfit it with a handsome door - perhaps glass if you want to show it off and add a pretty new doorknob, like the classic glass Hobson knob by Schlage Canada - their custom interior door hardware makes it easy to customize the look of interior doors to suit your space, simply by switching out the trim style or finish. Schlage's custom knobs are stylish and versatile - fitting in with almost any decor style. While the Hobson knob may have a classic style, pair it with a different trim style or colour and it gets a completely new look.

Don't forget the walls and floors. A pantry is a great spot to try out a bold paint colour, wallpaper or tile on the walls. I love both the playful sardine wallpaper in blue and white by Kate Golding and the classic but gorgeous William Morris wallpaper. In fact, I think both papers could work in a trad or more modern space. Just like the Schlage hardware, it's versatile if you pair it with the right things.

Easy to care for flooring is important in this hardworking space but it's also a great spot to have fun with a patterned tile, or add a pop of colour with a washable throw rug.


A stylish ceiling light gives good overhead lighting but you might also want to add under-shelf lighting or wall mounted lighting. After all, a well lit space is key. 

Finally, don't forget to accessorize

Add art - lean it on a shelf. Style shelves so that it is pleasing to the eye. Forget the plastic. Use attractive containers, boxes, baskets and jars to corral pantry essentials. Think about how you can make the space not only functional but stylish. If space allows, look for quirky pieces - that antique industrial metal shopping cart would look fabulous in a pantry. Use it to hold bulky items or to store reusable shopping bags.

Disclosure: I've partnered with Schlage Canada in this sponsored post. All opinions and text are my own.


Refresh and organize the entryway or mudroom to keep it functional and safe.

light fixture via Luminaire Authentik / mirror via Will's and Prior / mini bowl via Rainsford Company / bottle of hand sanitizer via Dillon's / plant via V de V / cabinet via Crate & Barrel Canada / Schlage Encode Smart Lock and entry set via Home Depot / enamel bin via Home Smith House  / vinyl mat via V de V / bench via Crate & Barrel Canada / french market bag via Wills & Prior / pillow via Tonic Living / coat hooks via Home Depot /

Keeping our entryway or mudroom clean and organized has never been more important. In this in-between space, it's where we shed our outdoor things as we walk through the door, it's a holding area for deliveries or groceries, and a spot to stash a mask or gloves before we head inside and scrub our hands. But it’s also a space that we want to feel happy about - after all, our home has literally become a refuge.

The simple act of walking in our front door has changed in the last few months. No more throwing your keys on a table and walking in the house. The entryway, whether large or small, has become a bit of a workhorse these days. Not only has it become a holding area and decontamination zone but it’s where we can hopefully breathe a sigh of relief as we walk through the door.  I can’t even believe I’m writing this ... who would have thought I’d be writing a post about how to make your entryway safe and welcoming during a pandemic? 

Well here we are, and to inspire and hopefully help, I've partnered with Schlage Canada to put together an inspiration board with ideas for refreshing your entryway or mudroom and keeping it functional and clean.

Use bins, crates or boxes to store deliveries.

I’ve heard many people say that they just leave deliveries and some non-perishable groceries in a waiting area for 3 or 4 days. I do it too and I’ve noticed some days the floor is full of boxes and bags that we don’t want to bring inside. Creating a space, a sort of holding area for things that enter your house is useful if you have the space. Even if it's a designated box or bin that everyone in your household knows is for these items.  Normally, I use baskets to corral things like this, but these days I'm looking for options that can be easily cleaned. A metal bin could work brilliantly, it's easy to clean and gets bonus points for style. 

Shoes off please.

I’ve always been on team don’t wear shoes in the house. Especially now. Store shoes in a designated spot - a boot tray, shoe rack or shelf under a bench works well.  In addition to a console that is also a shoe cupboard, we find boot trays work well for our family.  This bench has a handy shelf that can be used to store shoes. I love the pop of colour from this metal cabinet (easy to clean!) that seems like it's also a good spot to store shoes.

Refresh your entryway with easy-to-clean items.

A new door mat is a great way to refresh your entrance. Opt for one of the stylish and easy to clean vinyl mats that are popular now. They come in amazing patterns that look like vintage tile or even antique rugs. 
Keep things off the floor. 

Install a rack with hooks to hang up jackets, the dog’s leash etc. 

Designate a spot for your keys and phone. 

There are sterilizer gadgets that you can buy to disinfect your device and keys but we just do it the old-fashioned way. Everything goes in a dish that can also be washed.  Apple says it is safe to clean your iPhone with alcohol wipes or Clorex disinfectant wipes. Our keys also get disinfected regularly.

Keep face masks handy.

Store clean face masks in a bin or bag so they are ready to grab & go. It might also be useful to have a dirty bin or bag that can be easily washed. 

Refresh your space with things that are useful and make you feel good.

The light fixture from Quebec based Luminaire Authentik is a welcome pop of colour. I just discovered this company and have my eye on a few things. The lighting is available in a rainbow of colours.  A green plant or fragrant pot of herbs is always a nice touch, as is a new throw pillow.

Clean door hardware often.

The Public Health Agency of Canada recommends that in addition to washing your hands often, that you clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces daily including this like door handles. Schlage has tips on how to clean your door handles and hardware here.

Smart home technology makes sense.

Digging through your purse or bag for a house key can be annoying and these days, it's also just one more thing I have to clean after I touch it. Smart locks like the Schlage Encode let you unlock your door using a touchscreen or with your voice when paired with the Schlage Home app on your phone using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Nowadays, smart home technology isn’t just a convenience, the benefits of using touchless, voice-controlled technology can also mean less
exposure to surface that can be dirty.

Keep hand sanitizer ... handy.

We keep mini bottles of sanitizer in the entryway, ready to grab and go. Don't forget to clean these bottles too!

Disclosure: I've partnered with Schlage Canada in this sponsored post. All opinions and text are my own.