9 Earth Friendly Valentine's Day Gifts

Chocosol Traders Fair Trade Chocolate Bar / Tropical House Plant Bundle via Plant Collective / Healing Oil Balm via Maison Apothecare / Vintage Tassel Necklace via Pacific NorthRust on Etsy  / Prosecco / Vintage Plaid Throw Blanket via Pacific NorthRust on Etsy / Box Tote Tiili via Bookhou Design / Card via Fat Cat Greetings / Mimosa Candle by Dimanche Matin on Fabrique 1840 /

If you plan on picking up a little something for your sweetheart this Valentine's Day why not show the earth some love too and choose something a little more sustainable. Sharing the love, some tips and a shopping guide today...

Buy Fair Trade

When possible, choose fair trade chocolate which is produced under ethical standards and priced to give farmers and labourers a living and sustainable wage. You can read more about fair trade chocolate here. Local brands like Chocosol Traders in Toronto makes fair trade chocolate with packaging that they say is fully biodegradable.

Give Living Plants

A bouquet of flowers is always welcome but a plant will last as long as you give it love. Yes they are often tropical but they do help clean the air. This bundle of plants from Plant Collective makes a great gift for the plant people in your life. You can order online too! If you do go the route of buying blooms, ask for locally sourced greenhouse grown flowers. They're out there you just need to ask. Check out this story I wrote for The Toronto Star about the Local Flower Movement in Toronto.

Look for natural beauty and skincare products

I have many favourites when it comes to natural skincare products. My newest is this Healing Oil Balm from Maison Apothecare. It's all natural ingredients include Olive Oil, Beeswax, Vitamin E, Neroli essential oil, and Borage Oil. It comes in an aluminum tin which can be reused or recycled.

 Drinkable gifts 

A bottle of bubbly will always win. Choose a bottle with minimal packaging unlike the one I show here which has a wrap of some kind but looks good in the round-up. Oops. Glass bottles are recyclable. For extra points choose a local vintage.

Buy Vintage

Enough said. Keeps stuff out of landfills and vintage gifts are often one-of-a-kind. Lots of amazing vintage jewelry like that great tassle necklace and home decor like this cozy throw can be found on Etsy.

Buy Handmade

 Small batch products made by artisans are often made more sustainably. Head to your local craft market, pop-up or Etsy to shop for handmade gifts. Etsy is great because you can also shop local, choosing where you want to search for products. I have a soft spot for small stationers and love this card by Fat Cat Greetings. Another spot to shop for handmade and artisanal gifts is online at Fabrique 1840. Kudos to Simons for giving shoppers the handmade, small batch option. Love this candle and this fab bag by the talented Arounna at Bookhou Design.

*Just a heads up that although there is NO sponsored content in this post, there are a few affiliate links. If you make a purchase I will get a small commission but at no extra cost to you. Thanks for reading.

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