Curio Cabinets: A round-up of black glass display cabinets

I have a collection that needs a home. It's an inherited collection that one day I'll share with you.  For now, know that it needs a special place for it to live, before I can bring it here, to my home. I know it sounds a little mysterious and that it's annoying to leave someone wondering. Sorry about that.

So, I go back and forth between buying a cabinet to house this special collection, or having something made. But there are budgets to consider, or lack there of.  So, I troll the Internets looking for something vintage or antique. Nothing yet.

This past weekend, I came across a cabinet via a designer I follow on Instagram. I kind of fell in love with it. The designer is Nina Freudenberger. You can go look at her Instagram here if you want to see the post. I shared her post on my IG stories with a plea for help finding the cabinet and many responded - asking me to let them know if I found the source. Well, I did find it via a post on Remodelista, natch. It is called the Joyce Cabinet by Pinch Design located in London, England.  

Joyce cabinet by Pinch via The Future Perfect

However, you can buy it here on this side of the pond (in the US) from The Future Perfect for a cool $14,145.00 USD + shipping (yes, they ship to Canada).

Okay, I'll keep shopping, thanks.

So, for those of you that were asking, here it is. If you buy it, please invite me over so I can see it, alright? It is gorgeous.

I kept shopping because I want to find something like this, but not, ... um ... the cost of tuition in Ontario. I figure that many of you will relate and may appreciate this more attainable selection of options via this little round-up.  Not exactly (at all) the same but similar in feel and at least one is potentially hackable and/or stackable.

The Round-Up ...

Wyn Sideboard via Black Rooster Decor

The Wyn Sideboard via Black Rooster Decor, $3526.30 CAD
Black Rooster Decor always delivers. It's not quite the same as my inspiration cabinet but I love the look, the only drawback is the interior is white and my collection is ivory coloured. It will just disappear inside.  But it's gorgeous. Someone buy it and let me come over and style it, pretty please.

Casement Black Tall Cabinet via Crate and Barrel Canada

The Casement Black Tall Cabinet via Crate and Barrel, $1499.00 CAD

 I like this steel casement window-inspired option. The size is not quite right though. I need something a little wider and I'm not sure I want to double up this one.  

Milsbo Cabinet in white via Ikea Canada

The Milsbo Cabinet via Ikea Canada, $229.00 CAD

Ikea Canada delivers a nice budget option made of steel and glass. I wonder if I there is a hack somewhere in this? Maybe the shelves could be replaced?

MALSJÖ Cabinet via Ikea Canada

The MALSJÖ Cabinet via Ikea Canada, $499.00 CAD

and another Ikea option ... a little more trad, I like the brass colour hardware detail.  A little short but I could double up at this price.

Highway Beech Mountain Display Stand via Wayfair Canada

The Highway Beech Mountain Display Stand via Wayfair Canada, $1849.99 CAD

I really like this option from Wayfair Canada. Only glitch is that light coloured backing and I don't want to paint something that is $2000.  

20th C. English Brass Bar Pull Glass Double-Door Cabinet via Restoration Hardware

The 20th C. English Brass Bar Pull Glass Double-Door Cabinet via Restoration Hardware, $4295.00-6095.00 CAD

Classic RH.  I like the cabinet but don't love the hardware and at this price I might as well go custom.

Gwyneth Cabinet via Black Rooster Decor

The Gwyneth Cabinet via Black Rooster Decor, $3810.41 CAD

Another beauty from Black Rooster Decor. Love this arched iron cabinet with brass hardware. Gorgeous. Nice height too at 7.5 feet.

What's your favourite? I think I'll look into some custom options too. I love the idea of a special cabinet crafted for this collection but I'm not sure if it's too much of an investment for us right now. I really want to move this collection here, it's an heirloom collection. I'll have to sit with this for a bit. I'd love to hear your thoughts. If you have any leads on cabinet makers please let me know.

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