Create a fresh and modern DIY wreath using paper from old books

I have a bit of an obsession with vintage books. Whether it's the linen covers, the yellowed pages or the pretty illustrations, it never fails to charm me. I scour thrift stores, antique markets, estate sales and sometimes I get lucky and come across one of those boxes of old books that are chucked at the curb.   Tell me, do you collect old books too?

Several years ago we were renting a cottage in the Ottawa Valley when I came across a pop-up book store full of old books that they were selling for about a dollar each. Score!  

I love incorporating old books into my decor, but not just in stacks on a shelf or table. Sometimes they have loose pages or are just literally falling apart. So, instead of tossing it into the recycling bin I like using the old, yellowed pages to make something new, like this pretty paper wreath, inspired by autumn leaves. 

Gather up leaves made from vintage books to create this easy leaf wreath, no raking required.  


Simply cut out leaf shapes from old books and glue to a DIY wire wreath form.

 You'll need:


 Step 1: Make wire wreath form

Decide on the size of your wreath. Cut a length of wire three times the length of your wreath so it can be wrapped around in three strands. Form the wire into a circle and twist the end piece around the form to secure it. 

Step 2: Cut out leaf shapes 

Use your scissors to cut squares of paper.  Stack the squares, fold them in half and cut out your leaf shape. 

 Step 3: Glue paper leaves to wire wreath form.

 Heat up your glue gun and attach the paper leaves to your wreath form. I kept the number of leaves fairly sparse for a more modern look. 

 These look so pretty on a wall.  Several small ones strung together would make a pretty garland for a on a wall or a mantel.

If you hang it outside don't forget to hang it in a protected area away, such as a covered porch so it is protected from the elements.

These images were originally created for and published in a DIY column I wrote for The Toronto Star. 

*This post contains some affiliate links for supplies.

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