DIY Paper Tassel Holiday Gift Tags

Holiday prep is in full swing at our house. We are hosting Christmas dinner for our families so there is lots of gift wrapping, menu planning and tidying up on the calendar for the rest of this week.

Last year I picked up a bag of amazing paper off cuts from a warehouse sale at The Japanese Paper Place. I wasn't quite sure what I was going to create with them but the colours were so pretty it had to come home with me.

So I made these colourful paper tassels. They are a fresh, colourful alternative to traditional holiday colour schemes and are so easy to make.

I love to use plain paper when gift wrapping and make the gift tag the focal point of the package. It's fun to come up with ideas from materials I already have lying around the house rather than buying pre-made items plus it's cheaper!

I know you probably don't have a bag of colourful paper strips lying around ready to be transformed into tassels but you can still make these quite easily. If you have a paper shredder put it to use shredding paper that is lying around your house. Maybe it's those scraps of paper that you end up with after wrapping a gift, or you could recycle any old paper you have around your house. A package of colourful kraft paper from the dollar store could easily be used for this project.

Here's how to create your own paper tassels.

Step 1: Gather the shredded paper into neat little bundles and fold in half.

Paper Tassels Step 1

Step 2: Tie the bundles together with string

Paper Tassels Step 2

Step 3: Trim the ends

Paper Tassels Step 3

Step 4: Add a gift tag

That's it! You're done. Keep making more and add them to your wrapped gifts.

Happy wrapping!

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