Make a sweet little love note for your special Valentine

It's a super easy Valentine idea that kids can do too. Just cut out a heart and after a few simple folds you will have a fun little Valentine. It's a great way to re-use paper around your house and makes your Valentine's earth friendly!

I used a rubber stamp to add a little message inside but you could do anything here. A little doodle, another folded note, a love letter maybe...

Here you go ...

1. Cut out a heart shape.
2. Fold each side in not quite half way.
3. Fold down the top of the heart (rounded part) and turn around so the pointed end is up.
4. Slip in your secret note and fold down the pointed end. 

You might want to use some washi tape, a sticker or glue to seal your envelope. I just used a mini clothespin. Don't forget that if you are going to add a message on the paper to do it before you fold your heart.

Voila an envelope and card in one.

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