Holiday Wrapping Ideas using vintage and recycled materials

These are images from a shoot I did for Gathering's Magazine Winter White issue last year, which I didn't really share with you but I still love and find relevant today.

I like to collect materials for gift wrapping year round. Things to make your gift unique and without spending a ton of money. So I invest in a few things I can utilize in different ways like Washi tape and twine. Then I look for items around the house, at thrift shops and antique markets that can add a unique look and because I'm re-using materials are enviro-friendly too. If you keep your eye out now you won't be under pressure and maybe you'll prevent having to buy as much newly made packaging.

Kraft paper, leftover fabric remnants, pages from old books make great gift wrap or can be made into pretty embellishments.

I save tissue paper, boxes, wrapping paper etc (if it's in good shape) from gifts we've recieved. It's not a big deal. Just smooth it out, fold it up and put it away until you can re-use it. It's not just being thrifty, it's also thinking green.

It's pretty easy to find ways to make your wrapping a little greener if you do a little advance planning and in my case, a little hoarding :)

If you visit thrift shops now you'll be able to pick up (if you're lucky) some vintage holiday ornaments. These make pretty adornments for gifts.

Vintage book pages can be folded into pinwheels gift toppers and cut into little leaves.  Use Washi tape to make your own gift tags.

I really like a monochromatic palette for gift wrap using a little old and a little new.

A little planning well-ahead of wrapping day will make your life easier and your gifts more unique.

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