holiday season countdown has begun - holiday trends

Halloween just closed up shop and before you could take a breath Christmas arrived. Admittedly, I start thinking about the holidays while we are just starting to feel the first heat waves of summer. It comes with the territory...

I know some of you may find the onslaught of the holidays this early kind of annoying, but as a retailer it is the most important time of the year. As a blogger and stylist, I also like to think about projects and ideas that I can share with you on this space.

So, to gently ease you into the holiday spirit here is a snapshot of my Pinterest Holiday Inspiration board right now.

I attended West Elm Toronto's Holiday preview last week. They are in full holiday mode and the collection is pretty impressive. I thought I'd share some of the collection with you and talk about a couple of this year's trends in holiday decor.

This was my favorite table.

It combines two of the biggest trends this year - animals and metallics and I'm seeing lots of marble and natural stone materials.

The woodland animal trend continues to be popular this year. Many of the retailers have their own take on this trend. I really enjoyed the collection from Artist Rachel Kozlowski. Dapper looking animals dressed up for the holidays. With the popular plaid trend showing up on some of the animals attire.

Wool blankets are always perfect for the holiday season but this year you are seeing more wool blankets on store shelves.

Gold, copper and rose gold. There is a metal for everyone out there. I love all the warm metals and don't you think the holidays are a great time to try out this trend?

I really like mixing natural fibers such as linens with warm metals and adding in fresh greenery. A little glitz mixed with understated works for me. West Elm does it well.

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