Garden Pots & Planters Round-Up

I love plants and I think the pots you choose can really enhance both the plant and the decor in a space, whether it is indoors or outdoors.

I've put together a little round-up of some of my favorite pots and planters that I've spotted this year.

Right now, I am loving the colour and texture of these pots from West Elm, Crate and Barrel and Etsy shop Pottery Lodge. They make great accent pieces that also have a second life/use to corral entertaining essentials such as cutlery, napkins etc.

But weathered metals like steel and zinc are my go-to choice for bigger garden planters. You can find them in all sorts of styles and price points. 

We have the Graset plant pot from Ikea that I use for herbs. I find it to be just the right size to plant a selection of the herbs we use most. I like it's boxy rectangular shape and it's height which makes it easy to cut herbs.

The Socker galvanized steel pot from Ikea is a great inexpensive planter that ages nicely. After a while you get a nice patina.

I would love to have a set of these Estate Zinc round planters from Restoration Hardware (bottom left image) but they are slightly beyond my budget. So I'm thinking of relocating my old rusty urns from the front and replacing them with some zinc containers from Crate and Barrel (top left image).

I love the idea of grouping zinc and metal pots together and fill them with a monochromatic colour scheme like verdant greens.

Martha Stewart has some great ideas for planting (of course). I find her plants and flowers section especially helpful.

For local information and design inspiration I love Canadian Gardening magazine too. It is a great source of the latest gardening products and design ideas.

So that's my little round-up of my favorite planters out there right now.


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