Antique market season is here!

This day is always much anticipated, opening day of Aberfoyle Market. Somehow this year I had forgotten about it until I saw a text from a friend that she was there. So of course I had to go.

It didn't take much convincing to get Isabella to go along for the ride. She is my best antiquing buddy. She loves the outdoor markets and has a good eye. Often she will spot great finds before I do! Years of training have obviously paid off ;)

Here are some things I spotted. Not all of these came home with me. Sometimes I just have to take a photo to capture something pretty. Often it's the colours or the texture that I am drawn to. So I walk around with my camera to take photos of all the inspiration that lay before me. 

Antique postcard books from France. I love these. 
The gold foil, fonts, letterpress, the black and white photos. 
The feel of the old paper.

Antique tins. Bright colours, great graphic qualities.

Vintage horticultural award ribbons. 

Love the patina of these. If I had a backyard shed that wasn't full of bikes and skateboards (and was all my own) I would turn it into a gardening shed with pin boards of inspiration (like these ribbons) and stacks of vintage gardening books. I would sit there with a cup of iced green tea with mint and plan my garden. Now do you see how much inspiration can come from a simple stack of ribbons? Ha!

Vintage Pigeon Race Trophy

Yes you read that right. Such a stunning trophy for such a quirky award.



Isabella likes to draw eyes so we were momentarily taken by this very large eye painted on a tin panel. It looked like an old ceiling panel. Maybe it came from a theatre?

Vintage bicycles, quirky statues and old scales.

This is a long post. If you want to know what we bought keep reading :)

A vintage atlas, music book and this antique guide to the Isle of Wight intrigued me. This last book is full of quirky ads. It's like a magazine but a book at the same time.

An antique clock face.

Our house number is on the old tin sign.

I know I don't need another globe. My shelf is full and has been for a long time. 
Maybe for Julian's bedroom?

A marble vase? a utensil holder? Not exactly antique but it's marble so I had to have it. I have a shorter one of these as well found at Goodwill not so long ago.

Isabella bought this pillow made from vintage cotton sacks. 

They were handmade by a lovely woman who enjoyed sharing the story of and history behind these antique cottons which were pieced together to form a pillow. She will be at the Milton Farm Spring Craft show happening May 3rd & 4th..

She was also selling these antique quilt pieces which we brought home. Isabella wants to frame these for her bedroom or make a pillow.

This vintage linen tea towel came home with me too. 
Love the colours and the linen is gorgeous.

Isabella also found some antique books that she liked and a few other collectibles. 
I love that a 12 year old wants an old book, in this age of e-readers.

If you read to the end of this unusually long post you must love antique markets as much as we do ;)

Happy hunting!


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