Dream Catchers - a March Break craft break

How is your March Break so far? 

Enjoying the beautiful weather? We had a taste of spring here in Ontario yesterday but Mother Nature has blasted us with a winter storm today. Ugh.

So if you are home, like we are, and in need of things to occupy your kiddos, here is an idea.

Dream Catchers....

This one is made from a dollar store kit. Not bad looking...
I bought a handful of these last week for emergency crafting. You know what I mean.

These would be so easy to customize if you didn't want to just sit with a hot coffee and chill out ;)
 Really, you could use add your own colour scheme to the dream catcher with ribbon, colourful feathers, beads, doilies and fabric.

Hint: It takes "forever" to wrap the leather cord around the ring without it unravelling, so use some hot glue or enjoy the extra time with your coffee.

My kids didn't exactly follow the dollar store directions - who writes those anyways?! 

Here are some other dreamy dream catchers I spotted on Pinterest that would be lovely to make.

See them all here on my Pinterest board :)

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