Weekend Craft for Kids - Cute Bird on a Branch

My daughter and her friends love to craft together. So on Saturday, after a matinee at our neighbourhood theatre, they checked out my Pinterest page to see what crafty inspiration lay waiting for them. One of my boards is geared towards them. I love Pinterest for that. It's my virtual file folder of ideas at my fingertips.

The girls decided that a touch of spring was in order and we also had some sweet little birds about. This craft also entailed that they do a little walk about outside to find suitably sized branches, that weren't buried in 5 ft of snow. 

They found the idea for this craft on Pinterest here.

If you want to see step by step, pretty photos of this craft, visit this Pinterest link. Love that I discovered this new blog as a result. 

This is how we made it...


fallen branch
scrap pieces of fabric cut into strips approximately 1" wide.
wire or a coat hanger
hot glue & glue gun
little birds from the craft store 
(sometimes you find them at the dollar store)


1. Wrap strips of fabric around the wire, using hot glue from time to time to secure the fabric to the wire. 

Make sure you leave a couple of inches of wire at each end so that you can wrap it around the branch.

*Using the glue gun will require adult supervision, it can burn skin badly, just sayin ;)

2. Once you have wrapped the wire, secure it to the branch. We wrapped each end of the wire around the branch and it worked well.

3. Get your little birdies and hot glue them to the branch.

4. Hang and enjoy your little bit of spring!


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