If you happen to follow me on Pinterest you may have noticed my board entitled "Glass". It is my favorite Pinterest board, especially at this time of year.

Here is a screenshot of it.

I love the clarity, freshness, brightness and just plain loveliness of the glass in those images. It makes me feel good, especially during this very long Canadian winter. 

Although a bright pop of colorful flowers can help alleviate the winter blahs I find that the lightness of glass keeps it real but on the brighter side. 

I thought I would walk around my house and snap some photos of how glass lives here. If it makes me feel happy it might be contagious.

A small collection of demi-johns. I dream of a long rustic wood table set against my window that I could perch these on.

Jelly jar glasses, a gift to me from my friend Matthew. I use these a lot. By the way you can buy them in his shop if you like them.

A collection of milk glass. I have too much of this. 
But I like it.

Green glass in my hallway upstairs. Something came over me one day at the thrift shop and I had to have them. Does that ever happen to you?

An owl globe sits on my table. I tried to capture the snow outside through the globe but you can't see it.

I try to keep some living plants in different places.

Some Christmas greenery lives on this old glass decanter? 
Is that what it is?

Antique mason jars in my studio filled with pretty crafty things.


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