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some of my favorite wrapping embellishments 
gathered together

One of the things I like to plan ahead of time is how I will wrap holiday gifts. In an ideal world, I would wrap the gifts as I pick them up. However, the reality is that we have a marathon wrapping session(s) on the nights prior to Christmas. What makes it all go smoothly is a plan, supplies and lots of wine.

Here are some great places to source 
holiday wrapping supplies. - a great source for Japanese Washi Tape

The Paper Place - shop online or visit their gorgeous store (my favorite) in Toronto for specialty papers, embellishments and gift items.

Creative Bag - online or in-store they are a great source for packaging materials such as boxes, bags, paper and ribbon.

Goodwill/Thrift shops - vintage books abound here and are perfect for repurposing into handmade embellishments.

Dollar Stores - I'm not a big fan of dollar stores but in an age when items such as craft supplies all seem to come from the same types of manufacturers you can't go wrong here. You will find many items that you will pay more for if you shopped in a big box craft store. Gift wrap, kraft paper, sometimes great ribbon and twine, kraft paper boxes and bags too.

Paper Parade Co. - in addition to custom stationery and art prints I have started to offer fun packaging supplies such as tags, baker's twine, paper bags that are great for small gifts and treats and some other goodies. Be sure to stop by my shop too! If you are local, give me a shout as delivery may be available for your area.

and of course Etsy is a fabulous source for creative gift wrap/packaging ideas. You can see some of my favorite Etsy sources here

Gift Wrap Tip: 

Try sticking to simple paper options such as kraft paper or another solid colour and then spend your time on embellishing your gifts to make them special. It doesn't take much to take a wrapped gift from ho-hum to cheerful.

Here I used simple white paper, twine and a scrap of 
paper from a vintage book.

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