Halloween Around the House

Bwahahaha! Halloween is just days away...
here's some decor from around our house.

I tend to decorate using what I have with the odd trip to the dollar store for a crow or mouse ;)

This year it's a simple, modern and monochromatic Halloween indoors...outside there are orange pumpkins and lots of crows and scary rats -- the kids take over that area a bit.

simple dollar store crow under glass. This is a diy cloche I made using a vintage clock. Yes the crow is a little off kilter, I should fix that ;)

a mini pumpkin painted black and a pretty black and white pinwheel

Is that a mouse in the house? eek! Dollar store mouse has a new home hiding out on our staircase.

My Mom made this wreath years ago. She was a huge Halloween fan and always dressed her house and herself for the holiday.

Vintage laboratory gear = creepy in a subtle sort of way

here is that crow, upright and perched on some books in the hallway.

We were madly creating our Halloween costumes yesterday. Julian is going to be a doodle drawing and Isabella is going to be a woodland owl/nymph. What are your kids dressing up as for Halloween? 



  1. Love it! Especially the drunk crow ;)

    1. ha, ha yes it does look a little "tipsy" like he's had a few too many halloween cocktails ;) thanks for your comment and the follow Carole.


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