patio design dilemma

So this is the week we (well ...John and it seems Julian too) are laying our patio back down. 

Summer is great for child labor (just kidding, he totally volunteered).

The stones were removed prior to the reno starting last summer and stored in the backyard. 

Naively we assumed that the same colour of stone we purchased from Stone-Link would still be available if we needed more. We need more. They changed the colour.

The new stone is the darker grey. I actually prefer it but we don't have the budget to buy completely new stone. Ours is the lighter grey.

I headed over to Home Depot to see if they still had the old colour or something similar, but they didn't. They do carry Stone-Link products.

So our options are:
1. Lay a smaller patio than we had planned to do using only the stone we have.
2. Use the new colour as a border.

Can we do that? Do they look ok? What do you think? 

What if we bought the edging stones in the same darker grey, then added a border of the darker grey, and then our lighter stone?

Oh yeah, did I tell you this is supposed to be finished by Sunday at noon for the 30 people we are hosting for a backyard lunch? Yikes!

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