a kid friendly diy -- cork board

So when Julian isn't digging up sod in our backyard he can be found creating cool diy projects for his bedroom. Ha! More like he was bored and I gave him a project to complete.

He has been wanting a pin board/cork board to display award ribbons so I suggested he add a little colour by painting it. He decided he wanted a solid square of colour in the centre and so this pin board was born.

It's so easy and it will keep smaller hands busy for a bit of time. You could go crazy and do shapes, stripes, circles, stencil letters or numbers etc but we decided to keep it simple.

All you need is a cork board, painter's tape, paint and paint sponge.

Mark off the space you want to cover with paint using the painter's tape.



Peel off the painter's tape while the paint is still wet. 

Let dry and voila, painted cork board. 

It will re-locate above the cool vintage desk I nabbed for him on Kijiji.

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