floating wood shelving diy

I've been meaning to share a great resource for wood. Yes, wood. Beautiful wood. Really, I never thought I'd get so excited about this, but I now see many potential projects in our future.

I visited Exotic Woods in Burlington with my Dad recently. He's my talented carpenter :) We were going so I could pick out some wood for a set of floating shelves for the new kitchen. They are going to hang above a small coffee station that we created in our kitchen. 

Look at these live edge slabs! Gorgeous.

They have a very large selection of woods from all over the world. They will do cuts, finishing and offer many other services.

They also have a great selection of smaller boards that would be great for small shelves and projects.  My dad swears by their selection here. He does a lot of woodworking.

We left with some beautiful, non-exotic poplar boards for my shelving. I'm painting them white so we went for a wood that had a clean look. But if you want the look of walnut shelves or other stained/natural wood, they have a beautiful selection.

1 1/2" thick poplar.

Here is my coffee nook.

Pretty barren right now! However, shelves with pretty cups and some art will give it some personality.

We decided on a white finish because I wanted to keep the space visually uncluttered. We have a white Caesarstone counter on the island adjacent to this. The rest of the counters are stainless. We'll add colour and texture with art and dishes. My instinct to stay with white was confirmed by the lovely and talented Meredith :)

We tried to find a ready-made product that would fit this space but didn't have any luck. So my Dad, being the awesome Dad that he is, offered to make us some custom shelves. Thanks Dad :)

It's actually a crazy easy way to build your own floating shelves. They aren't done yet but I can tell you that you will need wood in the thickness and size you desire for your shelf and blind shelf supports (Lee Valley sells them) to mount them with. I'll post pictures and instructions of them when they are finished.

Stay tuned.


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