mid-century modern ... makeover

I'm feeling it. Spring that is. 
Although the thermometer outside says otherwise. 

Today you can find me over on Wedding Bells Magazine blog with a spring inspired wedding favor idea that's so easy! Here's a peek.

air plant favor 

By the way, these little green plants are an easy way to add green to your home. They don't need soil! Only air, sun and some watering.

and in the spirit of Spring...

I have a list of projects to get started on. This is one of them.

My dining room chairs... Do you know the story of these chairs? I bought the chairs and matching table last spring from Craigslist.

 I already had the exact table and chairs which I had inherited from my parents.  However, I only had four chairs and the table was in rough shape. 

I watched the listing on Craigslist for a few months, deciding to risk it and see if they would reduce the price. They did. I bought them. The chairs have the original fabric on them! In crazy good condition except for two which have stains.

Now I have 10 of these chairs and two tables. I have no use for the second table, but it was my parents so I'm having a hard time parting with it.

Anyhow... I bought the fabric ages ago via Tonic Living. It's been sitting in it's package waiting for the staple gun to make an appearance. I haven't been in the mood, but I think I'll try to get them done this week.

This is the fabric.

It's a beautiful linen like the original fabric on the chairs. It's called Tuscany Linen, Elephant from Tonic Living.

What do you think? Although I kinda like the original fabric it is a bit stained on a couple of the chairs. So I think after forty years it's time for a refresh.  

I adore Tonic Living. If you are not familiar, they are an online fabric store and offer custom sewing. I've used them several times. They recently made custom curtains for my new bathroom and are working on curtains for my son's bedroom right now.

So I'll let you know how this DIY turns out. 

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  1. Love the grey fabric... It will look stunning on the chairs!! And I too LOVE Tonic Living.... Say more about the plant... Don't know these soilless plants

  2. Thanks Colleen. Air plants aka tillandsia don't need soil just air circulation and sunlight. I bought mine from Sheridan Nurseries. They had a healthy selection. If you go on pinterest you will see tons of examples of these plants. To care for air plants: soak in tepid water once or twice per week for a few minutes, then shake off excess water. I just ordered a round glass planter for my air plant. I live how they look in them on a table or hanging.


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