I need more green in my life...

lucky bamboo

A beautiful winter day. Perfect light. 

I've been busy photographing new designs and fun products for my shop (which will re-open very soon!). I've also been on a bit of a mission to introduce some botanicals into our space. I haven't had the greenest of thumbs but I'm determined to keep these babies alive and hopefully thriving. Wish me luck.

fiddle leaf fig

Yes,  I have jumped on the fiddle leaf fig bandwagon. I've been looking for one that is the right size for our space and budget. They can be pricy! My friend Lindsay of Little House Blog dropped a hint the other day that IKEA has Fiddleleaf figs for $15! Yes, I know...Start the car!!

I also brought home a Schefflera plant. It's new home is in an antique brass pot we inherited from John's grandmother. And... how can you not bring home a crocus? It screams Spring. I can't wait for Spring.

So if you have any plant care tips that you wish to share, please do! I always love to read your comments so please don't be shy :)

Happy friday!



  1. I always try to have lots of plants in my home to make my home look better and keep the air cleaner.


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