Organize a Cookie Exchange & A Giveaway!

Have you ever hosted a cookie exchange?

I haven't but I'm considering trying it this year. I have a bunch of recipes I want to try. It will be hard to narrow it down to one! I've been inspired by this amazing holiday cookie story in the latest Christmas book from Holiday with Matthew Mead. The images are beautiful and tempting! 

Take a peek...


 Photos above courtesy of Holiday with Matthew Mead

I know you need the recipes. They look delicious.

So here is the great part...

You can WIN a COPY of Holiday with Matthew Mead right here! That's right. Just head down to the comments section and leave me a comment telling me about your favorite holiday cookie or cookie exchange. To increase your chances of winning shout it out/share it on Facebook or Twitter but be sure to let me know in your comment.

**This Giveaway is now closed. The winner is Ann Martin! Selected using Random Generator.

You can also purchase a copy of the book here on Amazon. If you live in Canada go here. They are also available on new stands everywhere. In Toronto I've seen them at Chapters/Indigo, Superstore's and Shopper's Drug Mart. Psst.. If you didn't already know, you will find my Apres Ski story inside this book!

So you may be wondering...

How do you organize a cookie exchange? 

Step 1: Get your invitations out. I'm partial to the paper variety ;)

Step 2: Once you know who's participating you can decide how many cookies each person should bake. If you have 8 people in your exchange than have everyone bake 5 dozen cookies. That way each person takes home a 1/2 dozen cookies from each participant. The extra dozen is for sampling at the party.

Step 3: Decide on a recipe and get baking!

Step 4: As host you will want to decide whether you want everyone to arrive with their cookies pre-packaged and ready to distribute (let them know on the invitation) or to have a little packaging station ready at the party. I love the packaging station option.

Step 5: Prepare for the party! Typically there are "refreshments" at these events. So have your coffee/tea or ahem Prosecco ready. Fingers foods can also be served along with the cookie sampling. Have platters, cake stands, etc ready for your cookie tasting. 

Prepare your packaging station. You may want to include boxes, cotton bags, baker's twine, tags, box seals or Japanese tape, glassine or kraft paper bags and other interesting packaging materials.

So I'm wondering...will this become like our "knitting group" where eventually we just show up with the wine and eat appetizers and have a good time? Well if it does, I'm happy to be there and eat cookies with good friends.

Happy baking and Good Luck! Contest closes midnight Friday November 16th.



  1. Matthew's book looks beautiful! My favorite holiday cookies are Swedish Cream Wafers. They're light as air (SO deceiving - made with butter and heavy cream!) and pretty too.

  2. This is such a great idea! I have wanted to do this for years, but we live so far out of town, I can't get folks to want to make the drive! We have an old family recipe called pecan balls that I only make once a year at Christmas and I can't believe it is almost that time again!

  3. Hi Ann, It is a beautiful book. Something you will keep and refer to... Your swedish cream wafers sound delicious! Is that a family recipe?

  4. Hi Beth, well maybe this is the year to give it a try. I would drive for cookies :)

  5. Hi Debra, they aren't a family recipe. My mom made them for years, but I'm not sure how she happened upon them originally. I googled the name and found this site: The picture shows exactly what they look like and the recipe is very similar to mine. So delicious and worth the effort spent making them. :)

  6. We are having a cookie exchange this Sunday at our church. It should be fun! I am making a Clementine Sugar Cookie. First time for this recipe-I pray it is delicious. It is also gluten free.
    Thanks for this giveaway!

  7. Hi Janet, Have fun at your exchange! Let me know how the recipe turns out. We are experimenting with gluten-free baking in our house right now.

  8. I love shortbread cookies. I use a traditional recipe, so it is hard physical work, but the outcome! Yum!!

  9. We exchange cookies though it's more of a pass off than a party! Nice to have all the variety without all the baking. It's not the holidays without mint nanaimo bars!

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