Buffet Makeover!

Yay! It's finished and it looks amazing. 
It has been given new life!

You may remember this photo of an antique buffet that I inherited from my Grandmother. My Dad very generously offered to strip it and paint it for me. It was quite a job. 

Well it's done! Sort of.. I still need to pick some knobs for the doors and drawers and I need your help.

So this is the BEFORE picture.

This is the door stripped of the old finish. It is beautiful old oak. Do I feel bad painting it? Yes, truth be told, a little. It is gorgeous au naturel. However, it doesn't suit my space - so it gets painted.

Here is a shot of the original piece with old paint. Sorry not the best picture the lighting in that space was a bit difficult. 

and this is the AFTER picture (but not the final after)

It was painted with Benjamin Moore Raccoon Fur.

What do you think? My Dad was a bit apprehensive to paint it such a dark colour but he likes it too. It kind of looks blue in this photo but it is really a very dark grey with a blue undertone. I guess the blue shows more in certain light.

This is a truer version of the colour.

Now I am shopping for knobs.  I'm in between using traditional aged brass knobs that you would have seen on the piece originally like in the photos above or these lovely crystal knobs.

I don't feel like anything too modern will look right. These seem to be just the right mix. What do you think?


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