The kitchen cabinet debate

Welcome to my ongoing saga of choosing the kitchen cabinet doors. I am suffering from a fear of commitment. Can you help?

Ok so here is my dilemma. I have always loved the look of a crisp, clean shaker door. It's classic right? Traditional but with clean lines. 

Ikea Adel Cabinet Door

But I am also adore the flat panel doors. 
So fresh, clean and modern.
Ikea Applad Cabinet Door

and then there are the glossy flat doors that have caught my eye. 

Ikea Abstrakt Cabinet Door

I need to make a decision, and soon. Should I go for the "safe" classic but lovely shaker or go for the modern flat with a touch of gloss here and there? What do you think?



  1. I vote classic shaker - in 20 years it will still be great! but you know I will love whatever you do!

  2. love them both! have had the traditional flat doors in my 100 year old house forever and am not sick of them yet. good luck deciding :D

  3. Thanks. This is crazy. How can a cabinet cause such angst? ;) I must commit to one of these for more than 12 hrs soon. Wish me luck.

  4. Please let me know when you decide as we'll be going through the same debate very soon! I'm sure that any choice will be the 'right' one!

  5. Either one you choose is going to look great. Most people think too much and go for fancy doors, that just make the kitchen look unorganized.


Thanks so much for your comments!