The Joy of Canning

vintage turquoise glass jar from Dovetail Vintage
vintage wooden spoons from LOVintage Finds
vintage canning jar lifter repurposed from Anything Goes Here
blue mason jar, original painting from Jennifer Shear
organic cotton apron from Small Batch Production
vintage italian aluminum colander from Blue Onion Curios
vintage labels from Wishing Well Cottage
mid-century metal nesting bowls from Vintage Wise

On Labour Day I will be learning how to can tomatoes!
After some sweet talking, a friend got me into the "group". It's kinda a big deal to be included in one of these traditional tomato canning sessions and I'm thrilled.
I've bought my jars and I'm ready to go.
Bring on the tomatoes!
I found a few canning inspired finds on Etsy. Although I'll be using brand new jars (safety first!) but these vintage ones are so pretty.
I'm hoping to photograph some of the tomato festivities and will share what I learn with you soon.
Happy Labour Day Weekend!

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