special delivery...

I'm happy to announce that regular mail service is back (after the Canada Post strike) for all customers of my Etsy shop.

Inspiration can come in the most unusual places...today a trip to my friendly neighborhood post office inspired me to put together this collection of finds from Etsy.

The photo above is of a gift I wrapped today for a birthday party my daughter is attending this weekend. A vintage postal bag. I love these and wish I could find more. I filled the bag with a letter making kit (stamps, ink pad and paper).

a map of Canada pillow cover by Nicole Tarasick

vintage air mail stamps are perfect for mailings,special packaging or making stationery from Moss Pudding

a very beautiful vintage globe from The Vintage Wife

isn't this so simple and lovely?
an air mail garland from Kiss (Me Go)

Personalize your own post card pillow!
So sweet! from Olive Handmade

always useful and beautiful air mail bakers twine from Inspire Lovely

lot of vintage Dennison stickers and labels packaged up so sweetly you will want to put them on display from Regina's Studio

enjoy your happy mail :)


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