Vintage Arrow Craft

I came across this fantastic tutorial over at the Thompson Family blog
the other day and decided to try it with my daughter and her friend.
They declared it the "coolest craft ever".

you'll need a rainbow of paint colours and a wooden dowel to start.

paint stripes on the dowel...

let the paint dry and then use some podge or glue to add strips of paper and fabric (adds texture!)

visit the Thompson Family blog for the complete tutorial and to download the lovely feathers.
You could also use craft feathers but we didn't have any on hand. Just print out the feathers, cut and hot glue onto small wooden skewers. Then we glued the feathers onto the dowel. We also added some Japanese washi tape to help secure the feathers.

ta da!

cupids arrows for your sweetie!


  1. This is adorable. I just made vintage inspired coin holder cards...Loving the Valentines crafts (it is breaking me out of my usual Valentines Funk). The arrows - i love them...because I have not seen them before. Saw you on the Where Women Create Facebook the name of your blog...some of my favorite things! I am a new follower.
    504 Main

  2. Hi Holly,
    Thanks for following and welcome :)
    The girls had a great time doing this craft. I want to make one too! Enjoy.


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