happy new year!

Happy New Year friends!

I hope you had a wonderful holiday season.

I've reflected on this past year a lot lately and it has had some wonderful highs for me professionally and sorrowful lows for me personally.

2011 brings a fresh start and I have rediscovered a few things about myself that I plan on exploring further.

...I have rediscovered a love of writing. My vehicle (for now) is this blog. I plan on spending more time blogging and continuing to contribute to other blogs and online magazines.

...it must be genetic, but I love photography (my brother is a talented professional photographer, my dad and grandfather are/were talented hobbyists.) I would like to explore the art of photography this year.

...prop styling for parties I've contributed to magazines has been fun. I love that aspect of a shoot and want to do more!

Personally...I plan on rediscovering my treadmill and get back to a healthier more energetic me and going to bed earlier..I'm a real night owl :)

I wish you all the best with your dreams for this new year!

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