Little Bits of Christmas 2010

2011 is just days away now...

What a strange holiday it was for me this year..a bit surreal really. Trying to balance the excitement the kids have for the season with my dread of it. You see, it was my first Christmas in my entire life without my Mom.

I decorated, baked, shopped and wrapped almost robotically. Just going through the motions. Really, what else can you do? Children depend on their mother to create the magic.

My mother created magic.

In the end, her magic could still be felt...

In the smiles and wonder of our children... my Christmas eve dreams of her... the traditions I shared with my parents being shared with our children... the joy I can see in my fathers eyes as he watches his grandchildren... and even the pop of the Christmas crackers at dinner - special because my Mom had brought them last year and we had forgotten to use them.

We had a quiet but joyful day with my Dad, my brother and my sister-in-law. Although my Mom wasn't sitting with us I could feel her loving eyes and spirit watching over us.

I wish everyone a happy holiday season and all the best for 2011.

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