An 1812 Era Historic Fort Party for kids

My son celebrated his birthday at Historic Fort York in Toronto this past weekend. All I have to say is that this party theme is a surefire hit with 7 year old boys.

I usually do parties in our backyard. It's the first time I have ventured off site for a party. I can definitely see the advantages!

The boys arrived at Fort York and were assigned a Historic Guide named Eric for the duration of the party. He proceeded to give the boys a tour of the Fort. Highlights included "Drill Training", learning to march, a mock "charge!" on the hills, and free run of the beautiful grounds.

After we refueled with cold drinks, snacks and cupcakes all they wanted to do was head outside to explore the Fort and play.

The favor bags were fun to put together. The boys got a replica pop gun, war of 1812 era soldier toy, and a "candy ration". I packaged them in a cotton muslin bag to which I added the image of a Union Jack.

I highly recommend Fort York as a birthday party destination. It was the perfect mix of fun and education in a stunning location. My son declared it the best birthday party ever!


  1. What a brilliant idea for a party! Looks like so much fun - will definitely have to file this one away for future party ideas!

  2. Thanks. It was fun and Fort York made it easy!


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