Isabella Goes to Paris!

Isabella's wish list always seems to include a trip to Paris. So this year we decided a trip to Paris was definitely in order, at least of the birthday party kind.

What a fun party to plan!

Invitations designed as vintage Parisian postcards were sent to friends inviting them to an afternoon in Paris.

We made perfume, Eiffel Tower Glitter Globes, ate sweet lemony madeleines and many other patisserie.
The guests left with mini travel kits which included travel size soap and shampoo dispensers, a luggage tag, a pocket french language guide, a travel journal and of course the perfume and globes they created.

Decor included a bunting made from vintage photographs of Paris, lots of Breton inspired stripes, Eiffel Towers, chalkboard signs, a Parfumerie, and a Patisserie table.

Memories of Paris Snowglobes - such a cute party craft.

The invitation....available in my shop now!

Part of the favor bag - a travel kit!

The Patisserie - yum madeleines, tarts, cupcakes & more

The Patisserie table - I made a bunting out of vintage Paris photos I picked up on Etsy.

The Parfumerie - all natural perfumes were made using distilled water and essential oils

I also took photos of the girls wearing berets and we packaged them in these sweet envelopes with a thank you postcard. I bought these envelopes at this great Etsy shop- Crafting Bug


  1. This is beyond gorgeous, what a lucky little girl you have!

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  2. I love this party idea and all the detailing! So, so cute!!Your daughter must have had the party of a lifetime.

  3. Thanks for the lovely comments :)

  4. Would you tell us how you did the snowglobes, and where you got the supplies?

    And also the ratio of water to essential oil in the perfume?

    My daughter is obsessed with Paris and is having a Paris party this year!


Thanks so much for your comments!