Ella's Pretty Vintage Inspired Bedroom

   Recently, I had the privilege of photographing 7 year old Ella's bedroom. Stylish mom Kelly designed an inviting and whimsical space for her daughter to enjoy.

Ella’s sweet vintage inspired bedroom is a mixture of antique heirlooms and refinished new pieces. At only 80 square feet, it is a cozy nook for 6 year old Ella to play, create and dream.

Colin and Kelly used a soft, neutral color palette, combined with quilted bedding, a few handmade pieces and accessories gathered from craft shows, garden centers and discount stores to create an understated bird and nest theme.

Accessories such as a porcelain owl used as a bookend, outdoor bird hooks and birdhouses found at garden centers were brought inside. According to Kelly, “Ella believed for years that there was bird living in there- and she loved the idea that birds lived in her room!”

At the wise age of six, Ella knows that there are not birds nesting in her room but she loves it’s coziness, the birdhouses and the special pieces she created to help make her room home.

Thanks for letting me photograph your sweet bedroom Ella.

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