Made in Canada Holiday Gift Ideas from Etsy

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Handpainted ornaments via Melissa Mary Jenkins / Rose Quartz Earrings via Vemtl / Porcelain lid via Art et Manufacture / Candle via Jolis Cossins / French rolling pin via AF Fine Wood Turning / Linen masks via Shibang Designs / Lavender eye pillow and makeup pads via La Petite Leonne / Linen Cafe Apron via Lost in Linen / Hand blown test tube vase via Brook Drabot Glass / Ceramic colander via Looks Like White / Box Tote via Bookhou Design /

Over the years I've had the privilege to talk with many Canadian artists, designers and makers for stories I've written for The Toronto Star. Whether it's art, decor, food or the practical made pretty - the handcrafted object is something I'm passionate about. We are lucky to have a thriving maker scene not just in Toronto but across the country and you'll find their wares in small shops, markets and online. 

Many got their start selling on Etsy, so I thought what better place to browse and put together a holiday gift guide of some of the objects I love on Etsy right now. All the shops are Canadian so you can feel good knowing your gift is supporting a local artist. 


In the spring, I wrote a story about what to do with botanicals from your garden and interviewed Melissa Mary Jenkins about her handcrafted inks made from plants, flowers and materials she collects on her rural property near Erin , Ontario. You can read about it here. You can her handcrafted inks and art, including these charming hand-painted holiday ornaments. Melissa Mary Jenkins on Etsy $24 CAD.


I love linen so when I spotted this cafe apron made of linen by Lost in Linen in Toronto, Ontario I knew I had to include it here. So chic. Lost in Linen $41 CAD.


When it comes to jewelry, I'm usually a bit of a minimalist. These gorgeous rose quartz earrings from Vemtl in Montreal, Quebec are so simple and pretty. The perfect everyday earring. Vemtl $55 CAD


Is anyone else obsessed with collecting jars? It's a bit of a thing. Whether it's jam jars - Bonne Maman is my favourite or yogurt jars from Canadian brand Riviera, they rarely end up in my recycling bin. Finding a way to re-use things and prevent them from going in the recycling bin or landfill is one of the best things you can do for the environment. Now you can turn it into a gift and gift wrap. I think these handcrafted porcelain lids combined with the Riviera yogurt jars would make a great gift packaging idea. Just add a small gift inside. Art et Manufacture  $9.55 CAD Photo credit: Mélissa St-Arnaud


Another upcycling idea I love, repurposing a mug as a candle. These hand-poured soy candles are made by another Quebec based artist Camille Trempe for her Etsy shop Jolis Cossins. $22 CAD.

If you're a baker a french rolling pin might be on your wish list. Made in Alberta, these hand-turned, tapered style rolling pins are made from maple by AG Fine Wood Turning. $58 CAD.


I have one of these handcrafted linen masks and I love it.  Made by Shibang Designs in Kelowna, BC.  They are so comfortable and well made.  Set of 3 linen masks, Shibang Designs $42 CAD. 


These hand-dyed cotton make-up pads and lavender eye pillow would make a great self-care inspired gift. Hand-dyed using natural dyes by La Petite Leonne. $38 CAD.


Another botanical inspired gift idea - a hand-blown glass test tube vase that can be hung on a wall. You don't need a bouquet of flowers, just one will do when it's displayed in this charming on on-trend vase made by Brook Drabot Glass. $23 CAD.


I'm a little obsessed with antique French colanders, but this handmade ceramic colander by Looks Like White will do nicely. $81 CAD


For the knitter, sewer, mender, punch needle enthusiast or other textile crafty type on your list also makes a sweet little carry-all from the talented Arounna of Bookhou Design in Toronto. I interviewed Arounna about her punch needle book a couple of years ago. She's incredibly talented. Go check out her Instagram. She also has a new book out now called Visible Mending. Another things to add to your shopping list. Box tote, Forage, Bookhou Design $75 CAD.

Be sure to check out Etsy's Gift Guides - full of great suggestions! One of my favourites right now is The Jo Jo Fletcher X Etsy collection

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