How to make your home a cosy haven this Fall


Eucalyptus leaf branch via Wills & Prior / 1930's french botanical sample via Joliette / Ashtown stoneware vase via V de V / Flint side table via V de V / Terrain Stoneware mug via V de V / Ilia Candle by Lohn / Custom Hobson Glass Knob with Century Trim in Satin Brass via Schlage CanadaOphelia pillow via Tonic Living / Eyre rug via Tonic Living / Amber glass demi-john via Oliver & Rust / Rust herringbone blanket via Oliver & Rust / Layla hemp pouf via Wills & Prior / Inspired by Nature book by Hans Blomquist via Indigo / Wells Leather Chair via Crate & Barrel Canada  / Riston adjustable pendant light via Crate and Barrel Canada /

We've had a spectacular Autumn and the colours this year have been so vibrant and we've been trying to get out as much as we can for walks to enjoy it all, but it's definitely feeling a little chillier. So, I've pulled out the cosy blankets to curl up with as we start to spend more time indoors.

While I don't do a lot of decorating for autumn, other than some pumpkins outside, I do think about how I can make the house cosier, especially as we continue to spend more time at home due to the pandemic. Afterall, creating a cosy space has positive, mood-boosting vibes that will help make even the dullest rainy day feel better.

Once again, I've partnered with Schlage Canada to create a mood board and share some tips about how to make your home cosy as colder autumn and soon winter (!) days and nights set in. It's all about adding layers of warmth using textiles, comfort, texture and a warm colour palette in simple ways - you don't have to do a lot to make an impact.

Bring the outside in.

With leaves starting to drop, it's not uncommon to find a fallen branch full of all those beautiful leaves in full colour - bring it inside. There's an abundance of beauty outdoors that when it's brought indoors adds not only colour but the beauty of nature. There's something about the the grasses, flowers and plants that are in decline. The colours soften, some start to dry out but their is still so much beauty. Assemble some branches, cut grasses or dried flowers like hydrangeas in a vase to enjoy.

Layer, layer, layer for warmth and texture

It's time to pull out the blankets, throws, quilts, rugs and pillows. Layering in a variety of textiles creates warmth not just for you but also your home. One thing I do in the fall is add a few more throw pillows that are still comfortable to lean into on a chair or sofa. It's all about softness. While a wool blanket is great for a bed it may not be the softest choice to curl up with on the sofa. In the summer, we remove the layers and keep things airy and cool. Maybe you remove area rugs to reveal bare wood or tile floors. Now the weather has cooled, it's time to add them back in abundance. Try layering rugs to add another element of warmth or swap out a jute rug for wool. 

A warm palette - natural tones plus warm metals like copper and brass

I actually love a more neutral palette, especially in the autumn. I think maybe it's because there is just so much colour outside that the more natural palette feels more calming. I'm not talking about everything white or beige but more a layering of natural tones - wood, stone, linen, wool in a subdued palette with pops of rusts or ochres and a little green in the form of plants which are mood boosters for me. I love using vintage amber bottles for autumn flowers or grasses. 

Warm metals like brass and copper are a great way to add that feeling of warmth and cosiness to a space, from vintage brass planter, bowl or candle holders to light fixtures and even things like door knobs and trim. Schlage has an amazing line of knobs, levers and trim that let you customize the look of the hardware for your interior doors, making it easy to swap out trim or doorknobs when you feel like it, making it simple with easy installation that doesn't require removing the whole lock. 


Schlage Custom Combined Interior Door Knob and Trim Combinations in a warm Satin Brass


One of the newest colours is a gorgeous, warm satin brass that is available in a variety of styles that suit any decor style. I love the combination of a traditional cut glass knob with the satin brass trim in a more modern style - like the custom Hobson glass knob with Century trim or with the Collins trim

When it comes to paint colour, if you decide to go that route and you're going for a warmer white, try to pick a shade with yellow undertones to add warmth. A good tip to check whether the colour is warm or cool is to hold the paint chip against something that is pure white, like a sheet of paper. I really love Benjamin Moore's new colour trends palette for 2021 which includes lots of warm, soothing colours. 


It's candle season and one of the brands I discovered this past year is Lohn, a local Canadian brand that creates the most beautiful scented candles. I'm not always a big fan of scented candles but these are so good. Of course, candles are amazing but one needs more than the flicker of a candle to read or do everyday tasks and as they say, lighting is everything. In these shorter, darker days make sure you've got all the lighting covered including those spots where you might want to curl up and read a good book. I love the idea of hanging a pendant light over a cosy chair if it suits the space.

Accessories that will last season to season

When it comes to seasonal decor I really believe we need to be mindful of not buying stuff that we can't use more than a few times. That means leaving the themed, plastic decor on the shelf and opting for things that are long lasting like baskets that can be used to hold blankets in the fall and winter and flip flops in the summer. Vases that can be filled with seasonal flowers or greenery etc. Buy real pumpkins and then make sure you compost them properly. When you do shop please try to choose local businesses, they need our support right now and as always, thrift stores and antique markets are always great sources for amazing decor and think about reusing what you have in your home to give it a seasonal spin.

Disclosure: I've partnered with Schlage Canada in this sponsored post. All opinions and text are my own.

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