Refresh and organize the entryway or mudroom to keep it functional and safe.

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Keeping our entryway or mudroom clean and organized has never been more important. In this in-between space, it's where we shed our outdoor things as we walk through the door, it's a holding area for deliveries or groceries, and a spot to stash a mask or gloves before we head inside and scrub our hands. But it’s also a space that we want to feel happy about - after all, our home has literally become a refuge.

The simple act of walking in our front door has changed in the last few months. No more throwing your keys on a table and walking in the house. The entryway, whether large or small, has become a bit of a workhorse these days. Not only has it become a holding area and decontamination zone but it’s where we can hopefully breathe a sigh of relief as we walk through the door.  I can’t even believe I’m writing this ... who would have thought I’d be writing a post about how to make your entryway safe and welcoming during a pandemic? 

Well here we are, and to inspire and hopefully help, I've partnered with Schlage Canada to put together an inspiration board with ideas for refreshing your entryway or mudroom and keeping it functional and clean.

Use bins, crates or boxes to store deliveries.

I’ve heard many people say that they just leave deliveries and some non-perishable groceries in a waiting area for 3 or 4 days. I do it too and I’ve noticed some days the floor is full of boxes and bags that we don’t want to bring inside. Creating a space, a sort of holding area for things that enter your house is useful if you have the space. Even if it's a designated box or bin that everyone in your household knows is for these items.  Normally, I use baskets to corral things like this, but these days I'm looking for options that can be easily cleaned. A metal bin could work brilliantly, it's easy to clean and gets bonus points for style. 

Shoes off please.

I’ve always been on team don’t wear shoes in the house. Especially now. Store shoes in a designated spot - a boot tray, shoe rack or shelf under a bench works well.  In addition to a console that is also a shoe cupboard, we find boot trays work well for our family.  This bench has a handy shelf that can be used to store shoes. I love the pop of colour from this metal cabinet (easy to clean!) that seems like it's also a good spot to store shoes.

Refresh your entryway with easy-to-clean items.

A new door mat is a great way to refresh your entrance. Opt for one of the stylish and easy to clean vinyl mats that are popular now. They come in amazing patterns that look like vintage tile or even antique rugs. 
Keep things off the floor. 

Install a rack with hooks to hang up jackets, the dog’s leash etc. 

Designate a spot for your keys and phone. 

There are sterilizer gadgets that you can buy to disinfect your device and keys but we just do it the old-fashioned way. Everything goes in a dish that can also be washed.  Apple says it is safe to clean your iPhone with alcohol wipes or Clorex disinfectant wipes. Our keys also get disinfected regularly.

Keep face masks handy.

Store clean face masks in a bin or bag so they are ready to grab & go. It might also be useful to have a dirty bin or bag that can be easily washed. 

Refresh your space with things that are useful and make you feel good.

The light fixture from Quebec based Luminaire Authentik is a welcome pop of colour. I just discovered this company and have my eye on a few things. The lighting is available in a rainbow of colours.  A green plant or fragrant pot of herbs is always a nice touch, as is a new throw pillow.

Clean door hardware often.

The Public Health Agency of Canada recommends that in addition to washing your hands often, that you clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces daily including this like door handles. Schlage has tips on how to clean your door handles and hardware here.

Smart home technology makes sense.

Digging through your purse or bag for a house key can be annoying and these days, it's also just one more thing I have to clean after I touch it. Smart locks like the Schlage Encode let you unlock your door using a touchscreen or with your voice when paired with the Schlage Home app on your phone using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Nowadays, smart home technology isn’t just a convenience, the benefits of using touchless, voice-controlled technology can also mean less
exposure to surface that can be dirty.

Keep hand sanitizer ... handy.

We keep mini bottles of sanitizer in the entryway, ready to grab and go. Don't forget to clean these bottles too!

Disclosure: I've partnered with Schlage Canada in this sponsored post. All opinions and text are my own.  

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