the handwritten note ... a lost art?

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Today is National Handwriting Day. Yes there is such a thing ;)

Do you still write by hand? If you have children, have they learned the art of cursive handwriting?

I can credit my late mom with teaching my children how to write in cursive. She grew up in an era where good penmanship was valued and had the patience to sit with her grandchildren at a young age to teach them. Thank goodness she did, because I certainly didn't. Not every teacher will spend the time on this at school today and I think it's unfortunate. The kids actually like to write in cursive. It's much more efficient than printing and I think they like the artistic touch they are able to add to their writing. 

It turns out that handwriting even has benefits for your brain. According to this article in the Wall Street Journal it can help you learn better and can help keep your mind sharp as you get older. Interesting. I see that with my own kids as they like to write out study notes by hand to help them learn, something I also did in school.

I insist that they send handwritten notes to family and friends to thank them for gifts. Yes, they roll their eyes at me and tell me I'm old fashioned and that nobody does that anymore. My answer is if someone can take the time to think about what you would like, purchase it, wrap and deliver it, surely you can find the time to write a note to say thank you. 
*Disclosure: We are still working on Christmas thank you notes, but better late than never, right?

Resorting to email and greeting card apps to say thank you etc is fine once in a while. I'm the first one to use them! But as a recipient don't you think it's nice to get real mail? To know that someone has taken the time to think of you?

I love that there has been a renewed interest in calligraphy and penmanship. You are seeing it in art, home decor and event decorating. Hand lettering on chalk boards, invitations and all sorts of other things is on trend. I recently bought a calligraphy set for my teen daughter as she loves to incorporate hand lettering in her art. I hope this trend stays for awhile.

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Happy National Handwriting Day!

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