Merry & Bright - - Brass Wire & Glitter Bunting

Here is a simple holiday craft you can whip up in one evening ... a brass wire and glitter paper bunting with your own holiday message.

All you need some thin gauge brass (or copper would be pretty) wire and thick/heavy glitter paper which you can pick up at a craft store like Michael's and a small hole punch and scissors.

After you decide what you want your message to say, sketch out your letters and cut them out with scissors. My letters are approximately 5" tall. Use your mini hole punch to make holes in your letters for stringing the wire. I find it helpful to have two holes side-by-side so that the letters hang nicely. If you use a small punch you will hardly see the holes. Then string it through the wire. Pretty simple. The wire is a pretty alternative to twine or ribbon, and you can bend the wire to shape your message if you feel like it.

  I love how the brass wire looks with the glitter letters.

There you go. Something simple and festive to fill the empty wall over my sofa.

PS. Something weird is going on with my camera lately so I apologize for some grainy looking photos. I think I know what's on my Christmas list now.... 

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