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We love the new room that we added at the back of our house. When we were renovating we made sure to factor in heated floors in this space to keep it cozy. However, even with the heated floors and rugs, the floors can still get chilly when the temperature drops here in winter. We had rug pads but they weren't great and didn't provide any cushioning or added warmth. I needed new ones for this winter.  

As luck would have it,  a company called Rug Pad Corner approached me to review their rug pads this past month. After looking at their website and researching their products and reviews online, I decided they would be a perfect fit for our house and my blog.

I love that their rug pads contain only natural materials, have been certified LEED and are rated GREEN for air quality. A lot of rugs and rug pads are made of synthetic materials which off gas nasty chemicals into your home or have glues to hold them together. Rug Pad Corner rug pads are natural and heat pressed. There is no glue, which is something that is important to me. They are also made in the USA.

This added family room at the back of our house has solid oak floors with in-floor heating. I needed a rug pad that would work for heated floors and also protect my new floors. I ended up choosing the Ultra Premium rug pad suitable for all hard floors including heated floors. 

It has 100% felt surface and solid rubber non-slip backing. 

It's sooo comfy and it stays in place.

It's so cozy to walk on! This pad is 1/3" thick.

We also got a rug pad for the living room. I really love how it has transformed how our rugs feel to walk on. I'm serious. It's awesome. Now it's more comfortable to sit on the floor and play games with the kids.

It's super easy to order your rug pad and figure out which one is right for you with the Rug Pad Wiz which helps you find the right rug pad for your space.

Rug Pad Corner trimmed the rug pads to fit properly under the rugs, just slightly smaller.

They arrived quickly and with instructions and information about how to care for the rug pads.

Rug Pad Corner offers free shipping if you live in the USA. They also ship to Canada and provide very clear shipping information. I love when shipping costs aren't a mystery!

Rug Pad Corner s offering a 15% discount for readers. Just use this promo code: REVIEW15

Anyways I am honestly much more happy with my rugs now that they are so comfy and I know my floors are well protected. I would definitely recommend this company if you need rug pads.

*This is a sponsored post. I was invited to review Rug Pad Corner products in exchange for rug pads. I was happy to partner with Rug Pad Corner on this post because I like their commitment to creating healthy products. I really like their products and I think you will too.

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