Get Your Irish On! - 70th Birthday

Dad had a big birthday this month so my brother and I decided he needed a party to celebrate. So, last night at my brother's studio, family and friends gathered to "get their Irish on". It was a very special night. 

The only person missing was my Mom. I'm pretty sure she was celebrating with us and maybe St. Patrick himself wasn't too far from her side ;)

Happy Birthday Dad! We love you xo


Typical St. Patrick's Day decor can be little tacky, right? So I opted to use touches of green that were festive but simple. Green and white paper lanterns from Chinatown, fresh flowers in vintage mason jars tied with strips of fabric as ribbon, a handmade paper clover bunting and chalk art and birthday messages from the kids.

Isabella did the chalk art and Julian created the giant birthday card.

To make the bunting, I used loose pages from old books I had in my studio. I

1. Cut the paper into heart shapes. You'll need three hearts for each clover. I know a clover is supposed to be four leaves but it just looked better this way (to me).

2. Glue the hearts together to form a clover shape.

3. Attach twine to each clover and tie onto another length of twine.

I spaced my clovers about 1 foot apart.

It's a super-simple St. Patrick's Day craft idea.


By the way, photos were taken with my "old" Iphone, so they are a little off. Oh well. It was a fun party!

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