Valentine's Day Gift Wrap Ideas & Inspiration

I thought I'd share some Valentine's Day gift wrap inspiration with you today. Simple little ideas using plain white shipping tags available in my shop, washi tape, and stamps.

The little eiffel tower was something I purchased on Etsy a while ago. I painted it gold. I really like this colour of gold paint, from Michaels. It's just the Folkart brand acrylic paint in Inca Gold.


A message in a bottle is a sweet little gift to create. I bought the glass bottles from Chinatown and rolled up some vintage paper with a message written inside.

Just some inspiration for wrapping... it's so easy to make pretty tags using washi tape. I just picked up these colours the other day - so springlike :)

I bought this little change purse from Indigo for my daughter. Love the sequins! They have the sweetest gift items.

I have stacks of vintage book pages. I love using them to make gift tags and other crafty things. I just cut the paper into heart shapes.

Then I attached the heart to a tag with a piece of washi tape layered on top. I like how it is a bit transparent and you can see the print.

I used a stamp on these linen bags 
from my shop to package up little treats.

...even the top of this cork got a dose of gold paint.

See I told you I have a thing for this gold paint. 
I painted these letters from the Dollar store in Inca Gold.
I don't do a lot of Valentine's Day decorating but I do add little touches here and there. I thought these were cute.

Just some inspiration for Valentine's Day. 
I hope you like it :)

Have a great weekend!



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