beach crafts - seashell canvasses

One of our favorite things to do at the beach on Prince Edward Island every summer is to collect seashells and beach glass. We seem to be able to spend hours combing the beach for treasures...

We find all sorts of creatures along the way.

The best time to go is after a storm. It often deposits some lovely finds on the beach, although I think Isabella would be happy to have to wade through less seaweed!

Our beach is so peaceful. Just red sand cliffs, water and a smattering of cottages as far as the eye can see. The cottage we use every summer is set back off the beach on a grassy farm plot of old farmland. I can't wait to arrive and watch the kids run down to the beach for the first time. I'm following right behind them :)


Sea treasures.

Shells you have collected are pretty on their own but they can also become great canvasses for kids to paint on!

Just bring along some paints and brushes, mini masterpieces are born.

I'm just counting the days...


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