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image sources - clockwise: Gaston Loose,  Sabina & Micha,  Pottery Barn, Laurie Furber

These beautiful, antique glass jars are so pretty, especially in the sunlight. They look great in a grouping on a table or sitting on the floor. I would put tall fern fronds from our garden inside for display.

This is a vintage bottle I picked up at the thrift store. It's not exactly a demi-john but I love the colour and the texture of the glass.

My bottle currently holds one of my favorite spring branches - pussywillows. I can't wait for them to bloom in my dad's backyard. I'll be heading over soon (i hope) to cut a bunch of branches for my iron urns.

I'm thinking about planting a bush in the back of our yard this spring. We have a lot of shade back there due to the large oaks on our property. I wonder what kind of conditions they need to do well? If you know, please share :)


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