DIY Toy Tree

A cute Christmas diy to do with the kids using a classic Tinkertoy set...

Now I have to admit I did not come up with this idea. I saw it today on the Better Homes and Gardens website while looking for Christmas craft ideas for the kids to do on their day off.

Julian loved the idea and immediately ran down to the basement to dig out his Tinkertoy set.

It was super easy.

The original idea on BHG showed the tree with just the plain circular piece of wood as the base. This looked a lot cuter. However, we found it was just not stable enough and needed a heavier and wider base to keep it from toppling over. So Julian came up with the idea to add more wood dowels to the base. It worked.

Start at the bottom with the longest rods and then add each layer using a smaller size of rod until you get to the top.

Isabella added some of her vintage German wood ornaments she purchased last week at an antique market. They are the perfect addition to this fun tree.


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