a christmas crafternoon

I love days like this right before Christmas.  
Days laughing and crafting with friends.  My daughter joked it was like a Mother-Daughter Craft Club. I call it fun.  I wish we could have had more of our friends join us but kept it simple for a last minute gathering.

No, I'm not ready for Christmas. In fact, I haven't wrapped one single gift. I still have to shop for Christmas dinner trimmings, etc, etc... But it was a joy to spend the day relaxing and creating with friends. 

We made fabric wrapped wire letters that my friend Colleen spotted on the blog Whatever and vintage paper trees that I saw most recently on Sweet Paul

They were simple and fun. Our girls loved it. While we crafted and sipped Prosecco we planned for more of these with more of our friends. Crafting weekend coming soon!

I've really pared back the Christmas decor this year. Keeping it simple. Partly because I don't know where some of it is (reno...) and I'm just enjoying the simplicity of our new space this year. I also have to admit, I still feel a little sad this time of year. I miss my Mom. So instead of stressing over making everything perfect I'm trying to just enjoy the moment. That's all it's really all about isn't it? Family and friends creating special moments.

A busy week of entertaining lies ahead including a last-minute cocktail party we decided to throw.  I LOVE being able to have our friends and family over in our new space. It makes all the hard work of a renovation worth it.

Happy Merry Making!


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