A welcome change...

Every so often you come upon a shop that has soul.

A Changing Nest is that place.  Proprietor, Diana Ross has created a space that beckons you to browse. It is an eclectic mix of carefully chosen consignment pieces and newer home d├ęcor. Items mixed with such finesse I dare you to tell them apart at first glance.  It is a perfect blend of old and new.

Diana grew up surrounded by antiques and vintage finds. Her mother was a collector and they regularly visited markets, consignment shops and yard sales. Sometimes life has a funny way of coming full circle.  Diana, I think your mother lives on in the spirit of your shop.

I have to tell you, my favorite spot is the charming shed out back. I don't think there is another garage in the city that looks like this.

What was once run-down and utilitarian has become magical.

It smells of fresh greenery and cinnamon. It's filled with treasures, mostly old, some new, definitely fabulous.

From the back shed wander into the main shop and it's a different world again. Mercury glass, vintage ornaments, wool blankets, fine porcelain and silver treasures.

Wander downstairs to the basement for more finds.

The magic of a shop like this is you will never know what you will find. The stock changes frequently.

I love that Diana also features the work of local entrepreneurs. You will find unique jewelry, preserves and other handmade items in her shop.

The shop also offers full design services including custom upholstery via Lisa Aiken of TerraFirmaDesign

Seasonal workshops are also available. The next one takes place December 1 & 2 "Make your own wreath" - Fresh greenery is brought in from northern Ontario and includes lunch 
catered by Creme Fraiche.

Diana's shop is located at 572 Annette Street. 
Or visit online here.

Thanks Diana for the tour of your lovely shop.

I'll be back.


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