A Dream Come True!

Some of you know that last spring I had the opportunity to go to New Hampshire to collaborate on a story with Matthew Mead for his Christmas book.  It was a dream come true. A true "bucket list" kind of dream. 

I've been a fan of his work for years. I remember having tea with my Mom and flipping through the beautifully styled and photographed pages of his books and wishing out loud that I could contribute...

Last night I took my daughter Isabella to Chapter's to buy the Christmas issue of Holiday with Matthew Mead.  I don't even know if I can articulate how that felt. Although I had seen the shots before via email it was a completely different experience to see them in print! I just kind of stood there for a minute staring and watching as a few people wandered up, picked up a copy and started flipping through. I felt like saying to them "hey ... I contributed to this beautiful book!"  Isabella was so proud (priceless). She said Grandma is doing the happy dance in Heaven. I hope so.

Anyhoo...here is a photo of me today in the sunshine (feels good) holding a copy of it! It's open to the story that I worked on :) 

Let me tell you about my experience at Matthew Mead Productions last spring.... 

I flew to Boston and hopped on an airport link to Concord, New Hampshire. Matthew and his lovely wife Jenny greeted me at the station. We had met before, the previous summer in Portsmouth, NH and we had become friends since that time. So it felt very natural. They are so friendly and welcoming. It was like visiting old friends.

Matthew & Jenny (Oscar in background)

They have a beautiful home. Not at all surprising is it? It's nestled on a tree-lined street and felt like a sanctuary. Enhanced by their beautiful collections of antiques. It was elegant and comfortable.

Their studio is equally as enchanting. An old store I believe with incredible light! It was so much fun to work there. His assistant Lisa is amazing and made me feel so welcome. Matthew is truly a man in his element. You can see how much he loves what he does. It's a happy workplace. Magic happens there.

One of the highlights for me was a trip (or two) to his Prop House. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Incredible! It was like walking through the most enchanting shop. It was wondrous! What is incredible is that Matthew remembers where he discovered most of his finds and the story behind it. There needs to be a book about this place and Matthew the Collector.

We spent the next couple of days prop shopping, crafting, styling and photographing the story "Apres ski" - a Scandinavian inspired holiday gathering. I loved every minute.

Thank you Matthew, Jenny (and Oscar too) for inviting me into your home and helping to create magic for your readers.

You can find Holiday with Matthew Mead on news stands everywhere and via Amazon

Watch for a peak into the pages of it this week including a chance to win a copy!


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  1. Debra,
    The pleasure was all ours... sometimes thing are just so easy and so you know that they are right... our work together just has a natural flow... so you know it was mean't to be. Thanks for such wonderful and inspiring ideas and words... so kind.
    xo Matthew Mead


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