Craigslist finds

I have a story about this chair.

I inherited a dining room set that belonged to my parents. It was the first dining room set they purchased when they married and set up house in the late 1960's.  Many Thanksgiving dinners were celebrated sitting around this table. I think it remained in our dining room until the very early eighties when my mom's taste in furniture had moved on to more "traditional" design. 

The set was then passed on to her younger sister, then eventually made it's way back to me when John and I bought our home. The set we inherited had only four chairs so I have been searching for matching chairs for years...

This spring I finally came across a set of 6 chairs and a table with two leaves on Craigslist. Woot, woot!  

At the time I only wanted the chairs to add to my set. My Dad was going to help me refinish the original table that belonged to my parents. The seller wanted to sell the entire set (no surprise) so I thought I'd gamble and wait until the price came down. If it was meant to be I'd get it. Yes, I know that was kinda crazy. Craigslist is like Homesense. If you see and love it, buy it and think later. 

Well, a couple of months later it was still on Craigslist and the price had dropped. I bought the set for a steal. The table is in mint condition. The chairs have the original linen fabric if you can believe it. I've decided to keep the "new" table.

Which brings me to today and the chairs. I'm trying to decide on fabric to recover them. I want to stay with linen in keeping with the original chairs but with a fresh colour.

So I am looking at these fabric choices from Tonic Living ...

Tuscany Linen Gleam
Tuscany Linen Oatmeal
Tuscany Linen Elephant

Loving the lighter grey but thinking the darker elephant grey might be more practical...what do you think?

I will be recovering them myself. It's an easy DIY.

Other happenings here today --

My range hood is finally being installed. I have a story about that and buying appliances but I'll wait to share that.

We are hosting our first "party" at the house tomorrow to celebrate my son's birthday. It's all family so they will understand the chaos that lives here still ... I hope :)

Have a great weekend!



  1. I love your new chairs! All of the fabric choices are great but I think I like the top one best. The darkest would be more practical though. The good thing is you really can't go wrong. Enjoy your party!

  2. Thanks Kathi :) I love them too. I was so happy to find an exact match to my parents set. Enjoy your weekend. Debra


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