colour crisis...

So you know how you think you won't have those days where you are in a panic to make a decision? Well I had one of those days today.

We had done a great deal of research on our exterior doors and windows. After all they are a big investment. We spent a lot of time visiting showrooms, getting quotes, talking to the experts, etc.

We knew generally what colour we wanted the window frames and doors to be but we left choosing the exact colour until the final hour! 

I thought it would be more straightforward. Not.

paint samples

I picked up the sample of our Hardie Board from New Canadian Lumber, which we are using as siding on the addition. It is grey. But in the light of the store it looked green. Panic ensued. I went outside. Ok that's better. Never look at an exterior colour inside. 

The kind staff let me borrow the Hardie board sample. I promise to return it safely. I take some paint samples and make a phone call....

Dianne Amaral-Medeiros to the rescue. Lucky for me my good friend Dianne is also a talented designer and colour expert.  

In the comfort of her lovely backyard we look at colour samples and she immediately picks out the perfect colour for my window and door trim. 

fascia colour

all together...

Done. She read my mind. I look up and what do I see? The house next door to her has the exact Hardie board product we are using on our house! 

Everything has fallen into place. My renovation is back on track and I can deliver my colour choices for windows and door trim, fascia and siding to my trusty contractor.

Thanks Dianne!

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